Live Orchids From Maui!

Exceptional Flowers for Any Occasion

Sharon – $125

Myrtle – $100

La Paz – $75

Mom Hug – $50

Flowers and Hearts Aflutter

Herban Bloom and Cupid are in cahoots,  gathering up the season’s most beautiful blossoms and arranging them in gorgeous vases for your Sweetie Pie.

Here are but a few examples:

Satin Blush – $50 & $75 (shown)


You Are My Sunshine – $50 – $75 (Shown)


Mood Indigo – $150

Red Velvet – $125

Red Roses in Vase

Red Rose Close-up


Herban Bloom: New Store Hours

Happy New Year!

Happy New Store Hours

Herban Bloom Flowers Store Hours

Snowflakes and Twinkle Lights

‘Tis the season for snowflakes and twinkle lights, and gatherings with family and friends. Consider bringing the beauty of this festive season to your tabletop with the following offerings: Homecoming, Snow Globe, and Snowflake.

Fanciful and Unique Mother’s Day Flowers

Update: Please order MOther’s Day Flowers no later than Saturday May 13, for a Sunday delivery.

Roses Squared

A modern take on a traditional offering, roses squared, features jumbo roses aligned three by Three in a rustic wooden box covered in moss.

Vase of Vashon

Seasonal colors, stirring, soft, deluxe and varied. We take the best of the season to create an opulent and wild assortment of rich hues, textures and beguiling beauty.

Living Out Loud

Sometimes you want an arrangement that blasts on scene with bold color, presence and a look all its own. Living Out Loud is treasure trove of flowers that are no shrinking violets — a seasonal variety chosen to wake the senses and speak to the nonconformist in your life.

Valentines Day and The Poetry of Flowers

Your friends at Herban Bloom wanted to share this year’s latest flowers in arranged sonnets for your sweetheart. The following floral arrangements are available for ordering online, here at “Shop” or by calling the Herban Bloom directly on Vashon Island, WA at 206-607-8885. (Hours daily 10-5 pm and Sunday 11-4 pm.) Or pay us a visit at Herban Bloom, 17600 Vashon Highway SW, in town just across from The Hardware Store Restaurant.

Thankful for Tabletop Beauties!

Home fires are burning this time of year, calling us back to the people and places we love.  Our floral designers have created some warm-hearted, cozy and colorful arrangements to celebrate whatever gathering you create in these autumnal days of coming together.

"Home Light"

“Home Light” starting at $50

"Friends and Family" starting at $75

“Friends and Family” starting at $75

"Big Harvest" starting at $125

“Big Harvest” starting at $125

We can also customize an arrangement should you have specific wishes for flowers, greens, candles and scale. Just give Herban Bloom a call at 206-607-8885, and we’ll be happy to fashion your tabletop masterpiece.

Celebrating the Women in Our Lives!

We love celebrating the women in our lives, and especially the special one we call “Mom.” This year we’ve designed floral arrangements that shower the people we love, well, with love. We’ve named each arrangement after a special Mom in the Herban Bloom family, and each is as unique and beautiful as its namesake. To order, call 206-607-8885 or shop online here at

The Sara, priced at $25

The Sara, priced at $25


The Bette, priced at $40

The Alecia, priced $65

The Alecia, priced $65


The Amy, priced at $75


The Rebecca, priced at $90


The Marcia Mae, priced at $120

Valentine’s Day Parade of Flowers!

This Valentine’s Day we’ve sought out a special array of flowers to create memorable floral displays perfect for the loved ones in your life. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve created in our studios:

Tulip Dream

Tulip Dream

Rose Parade

Rose Parade

Our Romance

Our Romance

Little Smooch

Little Smooch

Big Swoon Valentine's Day

Big Swoon
Valentine’s Day

Vashon Island Florist Herban Bloom

Jan 16-17: Join Us for the Seattle Wedding Show

Drop on by our booth, 521, and meet our talented team of floral designers at the Seattle Wedding Show. We’d love to meet you and show you how beautiful and creative your wedding flowers can be.